CTS Risk Services

Claims Administration

At CTS Risk Services, we take a unique approach to claims administration. The difference is our aggressive, multi-disciplinary review of each claim. Our Claims Adjusters work immediately with investigation, subrogation, loss control, legal and medical case management units. As a result, we have a team of experts working together to identify, from day one, the most appropriate and cost-effective way to resolve each claim by applying our approach to the fundamental aspects of claims management:

  • Investigations
  • Reserves
  • Return to Work
  • Closures


First Reports of Injury are reviewed and assigned by a Claims Supervisor. Simultaneously, each new claim is also reviewed by an investigative specialist, a subrogation manager, a loss control expert, and a nurse case manager. Our Adjusters use these various resources to gather all necessary information to determine the validity and exposure of a claim.


In CTS Risk Services’ unique business model, Adjusters incorporate valuable information obtained from our investigative and medical case management partners to assist in estimating financial exposures on each claim. Formulating accurate reserves that reflect likely costs through claim resolution is critical to our clients’ success.

Return to Work

Crucial to a successful claim resolution is an injured employee’s return to work. Our Adjusters will seek opportunities whenever possible to transition an employee back to work early and in a modified capacity if indicated.


Addressing claim issues from all angles on the front end results in timely resolution and claim closure in accordance with statutory requirements. At CTS Risk Services, we monitor our closing ratios and strive to minimize reopens. Our goal from day one is to resolve each claim in the most efficient and effective manner possible for our clients.

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