Frequently Asked Questions

After an injury occurs, where should I send my injured employee for medical care?

Your Welcome Packet includes a list of preferred providers for your area, and the hotline intake specialist may also direct you to the nearest provider. Statutory regulations can limit the initial choice of treating medical providers. Call your Claims Adjuster for assistance in determining your jurisdiction’s provider choice requirements.

Will I receive an acknowledgement after reporting an injury?

You will receive confirmation by mail that we have assigned a claim number and adjuster to your employee’s injury.

What roles do the Claims Adjuster and Nurse Case Manager play in administering the claim

The Claims Adjuster is a licensed professional who will investigate and determine compensability, administer benefits per statutory requirements, and oversee adjudication of claims when necessary. The Nurse Case Management is a licensed healthcare professional that will work with the injured employee to coordinate medical care and communicate with the employee and the medical provider to facilitate a prompt, safe return to work. Nurse Care Managers and Claims Adjusters work together to provide claim resolution for injured employees.

What should I do if a medical provider or pharmacy calls me?

Refer them to the Claims Adjuster or Nurse Case Manager assigned to the case. Please refer to the Policyholder Contact Guide for your regional contact.

Whom should I call regarding an injured employee's workers' compensation benefits?

Contact your regional Claims Adjuster assigned to the case.

What should I do if I receive a medical bill for treatment of an injured worker?

Mail the bill with any related medical notes to us in care of our bill review partner, MCMC, at P.O. Box 1160, Canonsburg, PA 15317 or fax it to MCMC at (724) 745-6960. To expedite processing, please include the claim number, employee’s Social Security Number, date of injury and employer name.

*Nevada residents must send their bills to: 2654 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy PMB 270, Henderson, NV 89052

Where should I send other documentation received, such as, work status notes, state correspondence pertaining to the claim, or injured workers' paid prescription receipts, etc.?

Please mail additional documentation to your Claim Adjuster listed on the Policyholder Contact Guide.

What if I have questions about my medical provider listing?

Please contact Provider Relations department listed on your contact guide.

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